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March 1, 2024
Industrial cleaners
Industrial cleaners

Saba Chem. Co. has been a supplier of industrial cleaners encompassing a wide range of industries including automotive, home appliances, containers, and steel manufacturers.

     Our company’s cleaning products for Steel Industry consists of high solid liquid alkaline cleaners which are cost-effective in removing surface oils and surface irons from the steel strip prior to electro-plating and hot-dip galvanizing operations.


I)                   Removing all kinds of surface contaminants including forming oils, lubricants, salt residues, particles, corrosion layers, etc.

II)                Preparing the surface before the next treatment step which will be conversion coating phase.


Alkaline cleaner is a blend of several kinds of strong cleaners with strong degradable emulsifiers. This product has a high cleaning property which is used for cleaning ferrous metal surfaces from oily and greasy contamination and is completely environmental friendly. 

 Our Products :
n Cleanox SC-100 for CGL
n Cleanox SC-110 for CGL
n Cleanox SC-160 for CGL
n Cleanox SC-170 for CGL
n Cleanox SC-190 for CGL
n Cleanox SC-300 for CGL
n Cleanox SC- 310 for CGL
n Cleanox SC- 400 for CGL
n Cleanox SC-200 for CCL
n Cleanox SC- 404 for ETL
n Cleanox SC-505 for ECL
n Cleanox SC-510 for EEs
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