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March 1, 2024
Metal Working Fluids
Metal Working Fluids
Saba Chem. Co. is a global supplier of wet temperfluids for steel manufacturing companies with its CLEANOX® products line. These products are designed to provide superior lubricity, strip cleanliness and good corrosion protection.

CLEANOX® wet temper fluids are applied directly to work rolls, providing excellent detergency to remove dirt and contaminants generated in the tempering process.

These products are customized to fulfill demanding mill operating conditions and formulated with a lubrication package for either standard or high temper mill extensions.


Saba Chem.’s wet temper fluids for the Steel Industry are designed with good trapped water corrosion prevention and compatible with most rust preventive oils and surfaces, including galvanized steel.


Saba Chem. also provides on-site experts to support your plants and recommend the best for you.

Our experts will work with you to analyze your needs, solve your problems, and provide assistance in implementing a comprehensive plan to increase your metal production potential.


This integrated approach with product and process expertise is what makes Saba Chem. a leader in wet temperfluids in Iran.



 Our Products :


n Cleanox SC-210 for Wet-Temper mill
n Cleanox SC-263 for CGL Skin Pass
n Cleanox SC-263V for CGL Skin Pass
n Cleanox SC-275 for Steel Skin Pass
n Cleanox SC-275H for Steel Skin Pass
n Cleanox SC-285 for Steel Skin Pass
n Cleanox SC-295 Coolant for Steel




A major producers of steel coils need to increase the surface roughness of their galvanized sheet to meet their automotive customer’s specification. Such companies use an in-line temper mill with high roughness rolls in order to meet this specification. Because of zinc transfer to the rolls and rapid reduction of their roughness, the mill is only able to run one or two coils per set of rolls and brushing is required to remove zinc deposits. These companies are looking for improvement in:

»» Roll life

»» Mill downtime

»» Brush life

Saba Chem. introduces CLEANOX SC- 263 wet temper solution! 



CLEANOX SC-263 is a very effective and economical-use concentration product used in galvanizing lines.




Lubricity of Rolls and Coils

Removing of Zinc Deposited

Corrosion Inhibitor




Saba Chem. is the first company in IRAN to develop wet temper fluids. CLEANOX SC-275 represents the development progress in achieving continuous improvements in this regard.

It is a high performance, modern wet temper fluid designed to help steel mills increase productivity, lower overall costs and improve the final quality of the product at this critical process stage. It has excellent anti-corrosive performance and provides high levels of detergency to displace contaminants off the strip surface.


?Extends shelf life of finished product

? Will not clog filtration systems

? Forms a hydrophobic film

? Forms a clear, dry film which renders an attractive  appearance to protected parts

? Is easy to remove, if necessary

? Nitrite-free

? Non-flammable

? Passes ASTM D-4627-86 (Test Method for Iron ChipCorrosion for Water-soluble Metalworking Fluids)

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